Undecided Thule

Black Book Journal

Entry I

I commit this ink to paper in the hopes to remember that cruelty can find sanctuary in the most unlikely of places. I have been blessed by escaping the grasp of Calder again. Of all places how could he be here, the rat! Forced to abandon my cart and to use the powers that flow through my veins to lose his loyal brutes. I have escaped the flames that Calder wishes to cast me upon.

Luck stays in my favor for I have found a caravan taking on various adventurers. It was not an easy sell to gain a place. Whether they know it or not, my knowledge will be invaluable as the trail wears on and the light grows short. Kirmizi, my beloved, saved us all from an ambush of savage men.

Bane races through me to use these unnatural powers. Gift or burden, I am sure they spared a life during the battle against the savages. I pray the warrior woman stays unaware of who brought her aid. The minstrel can hold his own, but I am still weary of the old savage man we found at the deserted campsite. He has an air of misfortune that follows him; serpents can never bring luck.

I do not know of whom I can trust with my true self, for I dream of the flames caress. For now I keep silent, and keep my distance from those closest to me. I thank thee, Blessed Book, for the knowledge that has saved me time and time again and the strength you give me to continue.



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