Undecided Thule

Black Book Journal II

Entry II

Gloom and death haunt this caravan. The ground is red with the blood of the fallen. The vultures stir memories of lifeless warriors that littered unnamed battlefields. Their faces still linger in the back of my mind. A peaceful horror. Yet, like the wild man before, another soul survived where one should not. A man of the far North. Death does not take those men so easily. Suffering is a way of life for those far realms. Yet, I do not take ease in knowing he lived through such butchery.

The broken body of the North Man was restored with aid from the Dwarf. Ah, the Dwarf. I may have judged too quickly on “its” profession. I know not whether it is man or of the fairer race, nor does it truly matter. It is only a dwarf and the minstrel may not have yet shown its true colors.

Like the blessed Black Book in times before, a gift from a mage. His robes will do me service, though it strange to see his cold, sallow skin stained with the putrid mud. A green blade and a nameless salve are added as well. I’m sure as the caravan took its leave the tearing of flesh ensued from the black feathered beasts that had lingered overhead.

The town brought no more comfort than the trail before. The townsfolk are set on edge from constant waves of beastmen crashing against the village. Hired hunters have done little to stem the tide through no fault of their own. As the caravan rests within the tavern, I will choose a more reclusive site to rest. Beloved Kirmizi gave warmth where none is to be found, body and soul alike.


Our ambush was met with fierce foes, yet we sang of victory. Our ill fated sheep scattered to the four winds. I dare say I have not shown my nature to the fellow adventures, yet my heart yearns for me to do more. Can I risk letting them know? Has this world turned my fear of death into a crazed paranoia? The wild man, Valan, has magic much the same as I, and that fills me with more dread. I must confront him soon, lest my fears consume me.

The inquiry of the captured wild man unsettled me. I have seen this before, but he is not an innocent. Will my past ever fade from my memories?



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