Undecided Thule

Black Book Journal III


I was wrong. Death and Undeath haunt this caravan. It will be a sleepless night defending the town from those who have been wakened from the dream that is death.

Trinkets have betrayed the town leader found hidden in boxes, but could it be Zolor who has brought the plague of living death with him to this town. It was only savage men before the caravan. Perhaps the savage man who walks among us is the necromancer himself. I know now that he walks the path of the magi, but I still do not trust him. Should I tell the others of his secret? Will he tell the others first of my powers?

I feel ashamed I have stolen a pillow from the guild hall, but I will enjoy the sleep it shall bring me. Tonight may be my last, for tomorrow we raid the cemetery in search of clues to this Undeath.



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