Undecided Thule

Sig's Journal:

Back on Solid Ground

Day 1 -

I’m finally off that blasted boat and got my feet on actually earth again. Months aboard the Rulac Moore did nothing but knot up my stomach. I’m ingratiated to Captain Kreel for the hospitality, but I earned my keep. With a few coins in my pocket I headed into town to resupply. I was able to sell the iron chains for a hefty sum – these filthy lowlanders treat common iron like it’s their mother’s milk. I was able to grab a passable blade (bronze ick) some armor and a battered shield. I considered staying in the city for a while. Perhaps getting work in the smithy. But..the dreams…the dreams call me north. I’ll check and see if any caravans are heading out of town in the morning.

Day 2. Found a caravan. Heading north to investigate some missing goods or somesuch. Seems like a good way to make some scratch and hopefully get the lay of the land. There’s a large female warrior with a finely worked blade. She fights well, and could be a worthy ally….or a dangerous enemy. If she becomes a problem…well she’ll have to sleep sometime. And I could use a new sword.



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