Calder Chalakon

Katagian Priest of Asura


Loyalties: Asura, the Asuran Church, burning witches


Calder was the high priest of the town of Garrit during an outbreak of disease that killed several children. Calder believed that the disease was caused by witches, and led an inquisition that ended in burning several women he claimed were witches (though at least one actual witch escaped before her execution).

Whether or not the witches were the cause of the plague, the disease seems to have disappeared as abruptly as it appeared and has not taken another life since. Calder’s actions caught the attention of his superiors in Asura’s temple in Katagia and he has recently been promoted and made part of the Katagian temple retinue.

Physical Description: Calder is a tall man with a fairly dark complexion and stern visage. He looks approximately thirty, and is rarely seen without his robes of office.

Calder Chalakon

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