Shaman of a Set Tribe


Valan is a Shaman from the ________ lands. He is one of the many Shaman leaders of his Set following tribe. His tribes followers are savage but very uneducated people. They practice in human sacrifices and large orgies to please the Shaman leaders. Valan is fairly low in the hierarchy of the Shaman leaders but he is well known to be a strong, learning Shaman. Recently the tribe has lost a relic of the Shaman leaders, thought to have been stolen by Jungle Traders. Its unknown even to Valan if this relic is of importance to the Set ways or if its just a personal item of the Chief Shaman. Its not uncommon that the tribe leaders have more faith with their personal beliefs than faith in Set its self. All that Valan knows is that him and some of the other Shaman leaders were sent out to find the relic and those who stole it.


Valan is a large stout, sketchy looking man. He wears some really tethered looking robes with skin hides hanging all around him. He’s a quit kept person out of his tribe realm and has the look on his face that you don’t want to really want to cross paths with this guy. He practices the ways of the Set religion although he may not be fully faithful of it. Set gives him the leadership and “wealth” that he has and he is not too eager to lose that. He has done many savage things in his time and very little good, but this doesnt stop him from being apart of a group so long as it leads him to his goal.


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