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  • Calder Chalakon

    Calder was the high priest of the town of Garrit during an outbreak of disease that killed several children. Calder believed that the disease was caused by witches, and led an inquisition that ended in burning several women he claimed were witches (though …

  • Zolor

    Gruff and practical, Zolor has seen it all. He is one of the most experienced caravan leaders in Katagia, and he is not afraid to face down savage beastmen, insubordinate slaves, or traders looking to force a bargain.

  • Brother Ezequiel

    Ezequiel has been the librarian in the Katagian temple of Asura for as long as anyone can remember. When asked how long he has served the temple, he either redirects the question or claims he cannot remember. He is a kindly old man who claims to want …

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