Undecided Thule

A New Threat

After briefly interrogating the captured beastman, Zolor turned him over to the Dhari hunters. Aklaq asks the questions, Kakortok seems happy to apply persuasion, and Onartok just sits and feeds bites of fresh red meat to her tiger.

Hearing a disturbance from the east wall, Jenetta goes to check it out. She finds both guards and freemen on the wall, shooting arrows at humanoid shapes coming out of the darkness. Jenetta drops a rope over the wall and climbs down to examine the bodies of their foes. What she finds chills her blood like ice; the cursed settlement is besieged by the walking dead! She quickly scampers back up the rope as more zombies trudge into the radius of light thrown by the torches.

Word of their undead foe races through the settlement like brushfire. Even those who were able to stand firm against human foes start to quail when they learn that the foes are already dead. This provokes an all-out revolt in the slave quarters, and the post’s defenders must now split their attention between enemies both within and without the walls.

Jorik Bejko, the Guild’s second-in-command in Majanele, leads the forces against the slaves with brutal efficiency. Jenetta, meanwhile, tries instead to calm down the revolt by pacifying the leaders.

While this chaos is distracting the Guild leadership, Anotisa and Valan decide to break into the Guildhouse to look for evidence of the traitor. After Anotisa fails to convince the lone guard to let them pass, Valan slits the guard’s throat. They first check the basement, and find packages marked as wool for shipment to Katagia that have artifacts hidden within, both savage fetishes and what appear to be Atlantean objects. From there, they head to Darek’s chambers. Anotisa steals a pillow, and Valan finds what appears to be a voodoo doll resembling Zolor.

Jenetta climbs down the eastern wall again, and finds a slave brand on one of the dead zombies. She climbs back up with this clue to the source of the plague.

The party reunites and goes to the shrine of Asura next to the Guildhouse. They find the shrine to be in poor condition, with threadbare tapestries and brass fixtures where they would expect gold. The priest is missing, but they find a volume sacred to Tiamat on the bookshelf of his humble room.

After the slave revolt is quieted, they take their clues to Zolor. He explains that the priest, Pelionian Krizi, has been in the slave quarter tending to the wounded. He also tells the party that the graveyard for the slaves and free workers is a few miles to the east. He seems most bothered by the voodoo doll, and swears that Darek will answer for that.



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