Rules Changes

Character Races

There are several changes to the available races for player characters. Race information can be found on the Character Races page.

Character Classes

Thule occupies a different spot in time and space from a normal Pathfinder campaign. As such, some classes are handled a bit differently. Specific rules are on the Character Classes page.

Character Narratives

Character narratives provide both the skeleton of a backstory and additional rules-based benefits for characters. Technically, they are not required for PCs, but everyone is highly encouraged to pick one (or ask me if you really don’t find anything that fits your concept, and I will try to come up with something to fit). Narratives take the place of traits on your character, and the full list is given on the Character Narratives page.


As I have said before, Thule is not an epic good-vs.-evil kind of world. Sure, there’s plenty of evil out there, but the good is somewhat… relative. As a result, I plan on replacing the normal alignment rules with a variation on the loyalty rules from Pathfinder Unchained. Full details are on the Alignment page.


So, I’ve (perhaps) foolishly lifted my ban on evil, so what can I do to top that? Introduce formal rules allowing PvP, of course. Note that I am allowing this to improve the game, not wreck it, so please conform with the spirit of the rules, which are on the PvP Rules page.

Weapons and Equipment

This is a savage time, and the available equipment reflects that. Steel is mostly unknown, a secret currently only known by the dwarves (and lost by the Atlanteans), and most weapons are bronze-age at best. For full details, please see the Weapons and Equipment page.

Hero Points

Hero points are an important part of the setting, providing both superhuman feats and a little more survivability, as well as fuelling some of the dramatic narrative powers. Both the standard hero point rules and specific changes for Thule are on the Hero Points page.

Rules Changes

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